Updating your Admin Website password.

Change your Admin Website password

Updating your Admin Website password.

Important information: To change your Admin Website password you need to be able to log in to the Admin Website. If you've forgotten your password, email support@ukmsl.com who can send over a new one. If you have only just received your password set by the team at MSL, please wait 24 hours before attempting to change your password. 

To log into your Admin Website, go to https://www.your-website-address.org/msl/ where www.your-website-address.org will need to be replaced with your own website address. For example, our website address is https://www.ukmsl.com/ so our Admin Website URL would be https://www.ukmsl.com/msl/

This will open the login page where you enter the username and password for the Admin Website sent to you by the MSL team. 

Once you have logged in, navigate down to the bottom of the page to the blue bar where you will see your User information, your MSL system's Server and Database, and the version of your Admin Website.

Click on your username to be taken to the User information page. 

To change your password, enter your current password in the Current password field, and enter your new password twice, once in the New password field, and again in the Repeat new password field. 

Click Change password. 

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